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  1. In consultation with the Lëtzebuerger Déiereschutzliga ASBL, Martine Hansen, Minister for Agriculture, Food and Viticulture, is calling on cat owners to help combat the proliferation of stray cats.

  2. Within the frame of the national platform for disaster risk reduction, led by the Ministry of Home Affairs, the working group on "Vegetation and Forest Fires", composed of experts from the relevant authorities, has prepared advice on how to behave during the vegetation and forest fire season.

  3. On 30 March 2023 the Administrative Court confirmed the judgment of the Administrative Tribunal annulling the decisions to withdraw the marketing authorisations for 8 plant protection products containing the active substance glyphosate. As a result of this decision, the authorisations for the plant protection products in question will be reinstated as of the date of the judgment.

  4. On 10 March 2023, the Ministry of Consumer Protection, together with the Ministry of Agriculture, Viticulture and Rural Development, will organise a conference on the subject of food: "What will we eat tomorrow? The challenges of food production in the face of consumption in transition".

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