National Land Consolidation Office (ONR)

The Office

The National Land Consolidation Office (ONR) consolidation is a public establishment under the authority of the Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Viticulture.


The mission of the national office of land consolidation is to provide, for the public good, a more economic operation of rural property. (Art. 1)

Consolidation tends to enhance land property by creating, through a new subdivision of land which is fragmented and dispersed land plots with a large surface area, with configurations which are better suited to growing methods and independent access. Creation of new paths, maintenance of striking landscape elements, stable drystone walls, reinstatement of water run-off channels in natural stone, creation of ecological strips contributing to the integration and diversity of the landscape. (Art. 2)

The land consolidation is found in various domains: Viniculture, agriculture, forests. (Art. 3)

Consolidations may be carried out in the context of public interest works. (Art. 19bis)

Legal basis, law of May 25th 1964 concerning the consolidation of rural areas.

Organisation chart

The national office for land consolidation is composed of one president, 7 full members and 7 substitute members.

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